The Timeless Tale of Liu Hai and the Golden Toad: A Symbol of Prosperity and Abundance (劉海戲蟾)

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Deep within the annals of Chinese folklore lies a captivating tale that has transcended time and generations, dating back to the illustrious Song Dynasty. This timeless story, “Liu Hai Plays with the Golden Toad and Draws Money Step by Step,” follows the remarkable journey of Liu Hai, a Taoist priest from the Five Dynasties and Song era. Choosing the path of spiritual seeking over worldly desires, Liu Hai eventually became known as Liu Xuan Ying, or “Hai Chan Zi” in the revered Quanzhen Taoist tradition. As the centuries passed, the Ming Dynasty would reimagine his image, portraying him as a playful, joyous child with a plump physique, dancing barefoot with tousled hair, often seen holding a peach, lotus leaf, or a string of coins. Using these coins as bait, he skillfully captured the elusive three-legged Golden Toad, a creature believed to possess mystical powers and symbolize wealth and prosperity.

The Symbolism of Liu Hai and the Golden Toad:

The tale of Liu Hai and the Golden Toad carries profound symbolism in Chinese culture, embodying the aspirations for auspiciousness and abundance. Liu Hai’s choice to focus on spiritual enlightenment over material gains imparts a timeless wisdom – the pursuit of true fulfillment beyond material possessions. The image of the Golden Toad, representing wealth and success, evokes dreams of prosperity and a bountiful life. This beloved story has been passed down through generations, imparting the valuable lesson of seeking harmony and balance between inner richness and external prosperity.

The Exquisite Jade Pendant:

Drawing inspiration from this legendary tale, skilled artisans have meticulously crafted an exquisite jade pendant that captures the essence of Liu Hai and the Golden Toad. Crafted from precious Hetian white jade, renowned for its unparalleled beauty and flawless allure, this pendant showcases intricately carved representations of the Golden Toad and coins, all fashioned from the same precious jade material. The choice of Hetian white jade adds further significance, as it is associated with prosperity and good fortune in Chinese culture.

This meticulously sculpted pendant becomes a cherished collectible, carrying the very essence of wealth and prosperity. Its timeless allure and cultural significance make it a coveted addition to any collection, representing a finely crafted piece of art that embodies the deep-rooted beliefs and traditions of Chinese heritage.

Embrace the Rich Symbolism and Cultural Heritage:

Beyond its exquisite beauty, the Liu Hai and Golden Toad jade pendant offers a gateway to immerse oneself in the rich cultural heritage of China. Through this masterful creation, one can explore the layers of symbolism, beliefs, and values that have shaped Chinese society throughout the ages. Each carefully chiseled stroke by the artisans whispers the stories of generations past and the enduring pursuit of prosperity and harmony.


In a world where tales often fade with the passage of time, the legend of Liu Hai and the Golden Toad remains steadfast, serving as a beacon of cultural heritage and wisdom. The enchanting story of Liu Hai’s spiritual journey and the symbolic significance of the Golden Toad continue to inspire and captivate people across the ages. The finely crafted jade pendant, with its intricate carvings and precious Hetian white jade, epitomizes the essence of this timeless tale. It serves as a reminder of the unyielding pursuit of prosperity and the age-old wisdom of seeking balance and contentment in life. Through this exquisite piece of art, we are invited to delve into the wonders of Chinese culture, uncovering the ancient dreams and aspirations that connect us to our ancestors and shape our shared humanity.

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